23 June 2021
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Katarzyna Rądkowska-Kutyło Piotr Jankowski

What is CHANGE to you?

Kasia Rąkowska-Kutyło says about herself that her mission is to build a better world by supporting people in communication and establishing lasting, valuable relationships.

She deals with internal communication and building the employer's brand.


Privately, she is a mother, wife, sister, daughter, a lover of walks, drawing strength from contact with nature and, day by day, she is more and more her true self.


She used to be connected with Piotr Jankowski by professional matters. She prepared and implemented a communication and employer-branding approach in the Polish branch of the technology giant managed by Piotr. So they know each other from a hard, strategic corporate work, at a high pace, on a huge scale.


For the results of their cooperation, together with their teams, they won prestigious awards in the communication industry.


Both have changed a lot since then.


What has changed and how does Kasia approach the subject of change?


We invite you to listen!



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PODCAST - An interview, which changes you

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