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I am a Senior Global Leader with nearly 20 years of experience in multi-industry businesses in Poland and worldwide.

I am serving you as Interim Manager, as Leader, as a Consultant or a Mentor & Coach.
My mission is to help leaders and teams in business context to support develop modern approaches that work!


I help with executive experience, I am great at connecting dots and solving complex matters. I infect with passion, energy and resilience + positive attitude to all problems.

I am very strong in transformation, strategy, IT and leadership.


I will be your courageous partner, able to dig deep, give you time to reflect, to enjoy and to have fun!

5 Why's? Because I have multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-level management knowledge, because I am result-driven and I believe we all "Can Do" anything, because I easily engage on strategy and operational levels , because I connect all the dots and because I really love people, technology and adapt to all business needs & situations.


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How to transform my organization from A to B?


"I need a personal growth partner and a senior sparring partner!"


How to improve me and my company in complex IT World?


I need support in finding best suited Leader / Director/C-Level Manager!

   years in leadership & management


+ hours in consulting, mentoring and coaching

Piotr: You know John Alex, I am very afraid of my new boss, heard so many opinions about him...

John Alex: ... opinions?
Piotr: Yes, that he is very bully and offensive and does not like people, gets angry on them... you know.
John Alex: Do you know him?
Piotr: Not yet, but even afraid to get to know him now!
John Alex: Why are you afraid, if you do not know him yet? Listen... 


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John Alex: [sighs and continues] Imagine you heard something about a peer in your workgroup, that during meetings he would not be friendly or nice. You come to the meeting with him/her with "that opinion", which primarily sets you to mistrust and behave differently to how you would normally behave to a nice person.Your counterpart could also come with "a luggage", now seeing you behaving like you do, he/she would definitely sense that 

Piotr: What do you want to say John Alex, that would be my fault?
John Alex: Not a fault. Does everything must be blame or fault?
Piotr: Yes, John Alex, you are right - I'm sorry...
John Alex and Piotr Jankowski Leadership Story Coaching Mentoring Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Senior Global Leader
Business Consultant, Coach & Mentor

Piotr Jankowski

Piotr Jankowski Leadership Coach, Mentor Consultant

Digital Coach

John Alex

John Alex The Responsible Business Coach

Hi I am John Alex.

I am the Digital Coach and I appear in BLOG!

Your RESPONSIBLE Leader/Coach/Mentor

John Alex Business Coaching Life Coaching Mentoring Leadership

I can be adding value to your organization in interim, as a Senior Interim Leader or Manager to help with a transformation or setup of a company, department, line of business or a project. 

My business and mentoring experience will support you and your teams/team members in a single session or multi-session mentoring program tailored fully to your needs.

As a Business Coach I will help to solve Business, your Team or any other Business, Career or Leadership challenges through individualized coaching process that can include a mix approaches all in sync with your values, beliefs and your authenticity

... responsible experienced coaching

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John Alex Business Coaching Life Coaching Mentoring Leadership

Gdańsk / Poland


ul. Świętokrzyska 51
80-180 Gdańsk


+48 509 774 360


John Alex: So eventually, what you came to the room with, "the opinion", comes true so you will say " I knew it, thanks to Mark I knew he/she will be unfriendly, just as he described it!". But that is nothing else than Self Fulfilling prophecy! You made the situation like this because of your reservations.
Piotr: So do you mean, that if I came to the meeting completely open-hearted, my counterpart could behave differently?
John Alex: Yes! That is of course a simplification, but if your counterpart felt your positive energy, he or she would trust you and none of any "opinions" would come true. You could be friends, best friends against all odds. Of course some people missbehave and you could be exposed to evil, but...
Piotr:... but most important is not to cause a bad effect on anybody and come to others with full trust at any moment and any situation so we are not adding to self-fulfilling prophecies ourselves!
John Alex: You nailed it Piotr!
Piotr: And we can change the World to a better place by doing that, so even people with "inclinations", but surrounded with our positive energy will become positive?
John Alex:... I wouldn't name it better, Piotr
Piotr: Thank you John Alex!

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John Alex Business Coaching Life Coaching Mentoring Leadership

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I will consult (audit + give recommendations with up to date market relevance) your local or global business challenges using wide set of multicultural, cross-industry and interdisciplinary general management knowledge to get you a mirror for your business.

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